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Token of Trust can help you save time and money while navigating excise tax, sales tax, business licensing, and PACT Act requirements.

eCommerce website selling vape and e-cigarette products and automatically calculating the excise tax rates with Token of Trust excise tax software.
Excise taxes calculated and applied to vape and e-cigarette products purchased during the checkout process of a vape online store.


Determine vape excise tax rates based on tax rules and exemptions.

Collect vape excise taxes from customers at checkout so that taxes don't need to come out of your margins.


Automatically collect vape excise taxes from customers at the online point of sale.

Prepare and submit both state excise taxes and PACT Act reports for vape and e-cigarette product sales to stay compliant.


File excise tax and PACT Act submissions with state and local agencies.


Sell into more states

Map of the United States displaying states that require an excise tax on e-cigarette, vape, and ENDs products.

No excise taxes

Various excise taxes apply


Transparent plans and pricing.

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Bundle Pricing

Receive PACT Act and Excise Tax Reports along with Real-Time Excise Tax calculations in your eCommerce checkout experience for all US jurisdictions. Setup fees may apply. Bundle Price does not include Product Sync or PACT Submissions.


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